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Diocese Of Thamarassery - Syro Malabar Catholic Church
Places and Church Names

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Abhayagiri(Valayam) - St Mary's Church

Adackakundu - St George Church

Amalapuri - St Thomas Church

Anackampoil - St Mary Church

Ashokapuram - Infant Jesus Church

Chakittapara - St Antony Church

Chamal - St George Church

Chappanthottam - St Joseph Church

Chathancottunada - Sophia Church

Chempanoda - St Joseph Church

Chempukadavu - St George Church

Chevayoor - Mother Of Perpetual Help Church

Chipplithode - St Mary Church

Chundathumpoil - St George Church

Devagiri - St Joseph Church

East Hill - Fathima Matha Church

Erude - St Joseph Church

Kakkadampoil - St Mary's Church

Kakkavayal - Blessed Alphonsa Church

Kakkayam - St Sebastian Church

Kalikavu - St Xavier Church

Kalkundu - St Mary Church

Kallankode - St Mary Church

Kallurutty - St Thomas Church

Kannoth - St Mary Church

Kariathumpara - St Joseph Church

Karimbu - St Thomas Church

Karingad - St Sebastian Church

Karuvarakundu - Holy Family Church

Kattipara - Holy Family Church

Kattullamala - St Mary Church

Kodanchery - St Mary Church

Kondotty - St Paul Church

Koodaranji - St Sebastian Church

Koodathai - Lourde Matha Church

Koomankulam - Holy Mary Church

Koomully - Little Flower Church

Koonnoorkandy - St Sebastian Church

Koorachundu - St Thomas Church

Kulathuvayal - St George Church

Kuliramutty - Mar Sleeva Church

Kundayithode - St Antony Church

Kunduthode - St Joseph Church

Kuppayakode - St Joseph Church

Kuttipuram - St Joseph Church

mailellampara - St Thomas Church

Malaparamba - St Joseph Church

Manjakadave - St Mary Church

Manjakunnu - Blessed Alphonsa Church

Manjeri - St Joseph Church

Manjuvayal - St John The Baptist Church

Mankave - St Joseph Church

Maramchatty - St Mary Church

Mariampuram - Fathima Matha Church

Marudonkara - St Mary Church

Mavoor - Christ The King Church

Mukkom - Sacred Heart Church

Muthappanpuzha - St Sebastian Church

Muthukad - Christ The King Church

Nenmeni - St Joseph Church

Nooramthode - St Joseph Church

Oorakam - Fathima Matha Church

Padathukadave - Holy Family Church

Panamplave - St Mary Church

Pandalloor Hills - St Mary Church

Parapody - St Antony Church

Pasukkadave - St Theresa Of Avila Church

Pathirikode - St Sebastian Church

Payyanadu - St Mary Church

Perambra - St Francis Of Assisi Church

Perinthalmanna - Blessed Alphonsa Church

Peruvannamuzhy - Fathima Matha Church

Poilomachai - St Jude Church

Ponniamkurushy - Sacred Heart Church

Poothampara - Little Flower Church

Poovaranthode - St Mary Church

Poozhithode - Our Lady Of Immaculate Conception Church

Pulloorampara - St Joseph Church

Pushpagiri - Little Flower Church

Puthuppady - St George Church

Thalayad - St George Church

Thamarassery - Mary Matha Church

Thazhekode - St Sebastian Church

Thekkumkutty - Fathima Matha Church

Thenjipalam - St Mary Church

Theyyappara - St Thomas Church

Thiruvambady - Sacred Heart Church

Tirur - St Mary Church

Valiakolly - Blessed Alphonsa Church

Valillapuzha - St Mary Church

Valook - St Mary Church

Venappara - Holy Family Church

Vedekkumpoil - Infant Jesus Church

Vettilappara - St Augustine Church

Vilakkamthode - St Sebastian Church

Vilagad - St George Church