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Hundreds gathered on the premises of Holy Family Church, Koothattukulam, today to witness the installation of the world's largest oil lamp.The lamp, 26 feet tall and weighing about 6,500 kg, would be formally dedicated on October 28 to give this little-known church a place in the religious circuit of Kerala. " The lamp itself is a miracle," says church vicar Fr George Velooparambil, adding It has been an idea that was in my mind for a long time. The decision to make the lamp was taken in may. We asked 1001 families to donate Rs.1001 each for casting the 1001-wick lamp," says Fr George. " About 30,000 believers from all religions throng the church on Tuesdays. Till now we arranged earthen lamps. But when rains began disrupting the ceremonies, we decided to go in for the bronze lamp at an estimated cost of Rs.26 lakh," he said, adding the church has received booking till the end of 2005. The lamp will be relocated next year. It would be operated on hydraulics. The lamp, to be kept in a sub-surface chamber will be lifted on all Tuesdays. And we believe the wishes of anyone who lights nine wicks in nine weeks will come true", says Fr George.
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