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Every Catholic Child Should have a Place In Our Educational Institutions - CBCI

The Final Statement of the CBCI General Body Meeting decides "to ensure that every Catholic Child has a place in our educational institutions". The Final statement further saya as " No Catholic Child, dalit / tribal or otherwise, should be deprived of quality education because of a lack of means. We keep in mind that a Catholic School has a special obligation to cater to Catholic Children.

To establish more hostels / boarding houses, especially in rural areas, since these have proved very effective in imparting a sound education to the marginalized.

To ensure that every Catholic educational institution has a special concern for the marginalized, especially the girl-child. If necessary for this, modification will be made in our admission policy. Tghose disadvantaged , socially, physically or intellectually, will be specially assisted so that they can be integrated into the educational system. We make this preferential option , even if in this process academic results suffer.

All Catholic schools whether run by our dioceses, the religious, corporate bodies or individuals, are expected to participate in this project. We deplore all attempts to commercialise education. In particular, we will not accept capitation fees. We urge Givernment to lay down a just fee structure so as to obviate the need of taking capitation fees and other donations.

To identify talented children from the marginalized communities with a view to preparing them for higher and professional education, Among them, we hope to train a select group for social and political leadership

To make this possible, dioceses and religious congregations will set aside funds, Well-established schools should support economically weaker ones. The statement further said, "All our institutions will immediately start implementing these proposals.


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