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Diocese Of Mananthavady - Syro Malabar Catholic Church
Places and Church Names

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Adakkathode - St Joseph's Church

Adikolly - St Sebastian's Church

Alattil - St Mary's Church

Amarakuni - St Jude's Church

Ambayathode - St George Church

Appapara - St George Church

Arattuthara - St Thomas Church

Arinchermala - St Thomas Church

Arulnilayam - Sacred Heart Church

Bavali - St Joseph's Church

Bhoodanam - St Mary's Church

Burliar - Annai Vailankanni Church

Charity - St George Church

Chennalode - St Sebastian's Church

Cherukattoor - St Sebastian's Church

Chithragiri - St George Church

Chokkad - Holy Family Church

Chullina - Good Shepherd Church

Chulliode - Francis Assisi Church

Chundakkara - St Joseph's Church

Chungakkunnu - Fathima Matha Forane Church

Coonoor - St Sebastian's Church

Deepthigiri - St Thomas Church

Dharamagiri - St Sebastians Church

Dwaraka - Blessed Alphonsa Church

Edappetty - St Sebastian's Church

Edayoorkunnu - Blessed Chavara Kuriakose Church

Edivanna - St Thomas Church

Elapeedika - St Sebastian's Church

Hinkal - Infant Jesus Church

Hulimavu - San Thome Church

Irulam - St Sebastian's Church

Kabinigiri - St Mary's Church

Kadalmad - St Mary's Church

Kallody - St George Forane Church

Kallumukku - St George's Church

Kalluvayal - St Mary's Church

Kalpetta - St Vincent De Paul Forane Church

Kalpra - St Mary's Church

Kammana - Little Flower Church

Kaniambetta - St Mary's Church

Karackamala(Kellur) - St Mary's Church

Karani - Christ The King Church

Karimani - Infant Jesus Church

Karimbil - St Sebastian's Church

Kartikulam - St Sebastian's Church

Kavummannam - Lourdes Matha Church

Kayyunny - Fathima Matha Church

Kelakam - St Jospeh's Church

Kenichira - St Sebastian's Church

Kolavayal - St George's Church

Kommayad - St Sebastian's Church

Kottathara - St Antony's Church

Kottiyoor - St Sebastian's Church

Kunjhome - St Antony's Church

Kunnalady - Fathima Matha Church

Kurumani - St Sebastian's Church

Kurumbala - St Joseph's Church

Kuttimoola - St Xavier Church

Lakkidi - St Moses Church

Machikolly - St Joseph's Church

Makkiyad - St Jude's Church

Mananthavady - Ss Peter and Paul's Church

Mananthavady - St Joseph's Cathedral Church

Mangalam - Good Shephered Church

Mangalassery - St Sebastian's Church

Manimooly - Christ The King Church

Manjoora - Ss Peter And Paul Church

Manvayal - St Sebastian's Church

Marakavu - St Thomas Church

Marakkadavu - St Joseph's Church

Martin Nagar - St Martin's Church

Meenangadi - Francis Assisi Church

Moolepadam - St Joseph's Church

Mothakkara - Holy face Church

Mullenkolly - St Mary's Forane Church

Munderi - St George's Church

Nadavayal - Holy Cross Forane Church

Narivalamunda - St Joseph's Church

Nedumapala - St Mary's Church

Neikuppa - St Joseph's Church

Nelliyodi - St Jude's Church

Nilambur - Little Flower Church

Niravilpuzha - St Elias Church

Njarappadam - St Joseph's Church

Olivumala - St Thomas Church

Ottaplavu - Blessed Alphonsa Church

Ozhukkanmoola - St Thomas Church

Padamala - Blessed Alphonsa Church

Padichira - St Sebastian's Church

Palankara - St Sebastian's Church

Palchuram - Blessed Chavara Kuriakose Elias Church

Palemad - St Thomas Church

Panamchira - St Thomas Church

Panavally - St Mary's Church

Paralikunnu - St Sebastian's Church

Parathottam - St Mary's Church

Pathiripadam - St Mary's Church

Pattanikoopu - Infant Jesus Church

Payyampally - St Catherine's Church

Pazhoor - St Antony's Church

Peria - St Mary's Church

Pookkottumpadam - St George Church

Poolapadam - St George Church

Poroor - St Sebastian Church

Pulpally - Sacred Heart Church

Puthiyidamkunnu - Blessed Chavara Kuriakose Elias Church

Puthiyidom - Little Flower Church

Puthusserikkadavu - Christ The King Church

Puthussery - St Mary's Church

Rippon - St Joseph's Church

Rubynagar - St Jude's Church

Santhigiri - St Sebastian's Church

Seethamount - St Joseph's Church

Sisumala - Infant Jesus Church

Sulthan Bathery - Assumption Of Our Lady Church

Thalanji - St Mary's Church

Thalapuzha - Our Lady Of Mt Carmel Church

Thalapuzha - Our Lady Of Mt Carmel Church

Thariode - St Mary's Forane Church

Thavinjal - St Mary's Church

Thelpara - St Mary's Church

Theneri - Fathima Matha Church

Thomattuchal - St Thomas Church

Thonichal - St Sebastian's Church

Thrissilery - St George's Church

Vadakkanad - St Joseph's Church

Valad - Infant Jesus Church

Valavayal - St Sebastian's Church

Vallikett - St Mary's Church

Vanjode - St Joseph's Church

Vazhavatta - St Sebastian's Church

Velloonny - Providences Church

Vilambukandam - St Sebastian's Church

Vimalagiri - St Mary's Church

Vythiri - St Mary's Church