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Diocese Of Idukki - Syro Malabar Catholic Church
Places and Church Names

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Adimali - St Jude Church

Alppara - St Mary's Church

Amalapuram - St Mary's Church

Anachal - St George Church

Anakulam - St Joseph Church

Ayiramekkar - St Thomas Church

Bethel - St Jacob Church

Bhoomiamkulam - St Sebastian Church

Bison Valley - St Antony Church

Calverymount - St George Church

Chelliampara - BVM Assumption Church

Chemblem - St Joseph Church

Chemmannar - St Francis Xavier Church

Chempakapara - St Peter Church

Chinnarnirappe - St Thomas Church

Churuli - St Thomas Church

Eattithope - Vijaya Matha Church

Ellakal - St Antony Church

Erattayar - St Thomas Church

Ezhumkumvayal - BVM Perpetual Help Church

Georgiar - St Jude Church

Idukki - St George Church

Irumpupalam - St George Church

Josegiri - St Joseph Church

Josepuram - St Joseph Church

Kailasam - St Joseph Church

Kallar - St Joseph Church

Kallarkutty - St Joseph Church

Kallupalam - St Mary Church

Kamashy - St Mary Church

Kanakakunnu - St Mary Church

Kanchiyar - BVM Lourdes Church

Kanjikuzhy - St Mary Church

Kanthalloor - Vailankanni Matha Church

Kanthipara - St Sebastian Church

Karimala - BVM Fathima Church

Karimpan - BVM Church

Karithode - St Mary's Church

Keerithode - BVM Perpetual Help Church

Keerithode - BVM Perpetual Help Church

Kiliyarkandam - Holy Family Church

Kombayar - Infant Jesus Church

Koombanmala - St Joseph Church

Koompanpara - BVM Fathima Church

Korandikad - BVM Church

Korandikad - Little Flower Church

Korandikad - St Thomas Church

Kozhimala - St Joseph Church

Kunchithanni - Holy Family Church

Kurisupara - Holy Cross Church

Kuthirakkallu - Little Flower Church

Kuthupara - St Joseph Church

Lower Kulamavu - St Thomas Church

Machiplavu - St Francis Assisi Church

Mailadumpara - Vailankanni Matha Church

Makkuvally - St George Church

Manchikavala - Christ The King Church

Maniaramkudy - St Mary Church

Manjapara - Christ The King Church

Manjapetty - St Mary Church

Mankulam - St Mary Church

Mankuva - St Thomas Church

Mariapuram - BVM Immaculate Conception Church

Maryland - St Mary Church

Mavady - St Thomas Church

Mukkudam - St Sebastian Church

Mulakuvally - St Joseph Church

Murickassery - BVM Immaculate Conception Church

Murickumthotty - St Maria Goretti Church

Muttukad - St George Church

Narakakanam - St Joseph Church

Nazareth - St Joseph Church

Nazarethuvalley - St Joseph Church

Nedumkandam - St Sebastian Church

Neelivayal - St Mary Church

Nellipara - St Francis Xavier Church

Painavu - St Thomas Church

Palar - St George Church

Pallanad - Infant Jesus Church

Pallikunnu - St Sebastian Church

Panamkutty - St Joseph Church

Pandipara - St Joseph Church

Panickamkudy - St J.vianney Church

Panniarkutty - BVM Assumption Church

Parathode - St George Church

Pazhayarikandam - St Sebastian Church

Perinchamkutty - St Mary Church

Pethotty - St Mary Church

Pezhumkandam - St Joseph Church

Ponmudy - BVM Purification Church

Ponnendathan - St Thomas Church

Poopara - Vailankanni Matha Church

Pottankad - St Sebastian Church

Pushpakandam - St Mary Church

Rajakad - Christuraj Church

Rajakumary - BVM Nativity Church

Rajamala - St Antony Church

Rajamudy - Christuraj Church

Rajapuram - Christuraj Church

Sahayagiri - St Mary Church

Santhigram - St Joseph Church

Sleevamala - St Benedict Church

Snehagiri - St Sebastian Church

Thankamany - St Thomas Church

Thannikandam - St Mary Church

Thattekanni - St George Church

Therasa Nagar - Blessed Alphonsa Church

Thinkalkad - St Mathew Church

Thokkupara - St Sebastian Church

Thokkupalam - St Antony Church

Thopramkudy - St Maria Goretti Church

Thovarayar - Infant Jesus Church

Udayagiri - St Mary Church

Upputhode - St Joseph Church

Vattappara - Infant Jesus Church

Vattayar - BVM Lourdes Church

Vazhathope - St George Cathedral Church

Vazhavara - BVM Of Grace Church

Vellathooval - St George Church

Vellayamkudy - St George Church

Venmany - St George Church

Vimalagiri - Vimala Matha Church

Viripara - St Antony Church