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Diocese Of Bongaigaon - Latin Rite Catholic Church
Places and Church Names

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Baganpara - St Thomas The Apostle Church

Ballamguri - St Martin De Porres Church

Barangabari - St Xavier Church

Barpeta Road - St Francis De Sales Church

Bashbari - St Francis Xavier Church

Bengtol - Blessed Michael Rua Church

Bijni - Infant Jesus Church

Bongaigaon-Bhowlaguri - St Albert Church

Bongaigaon - Christ,Light Of The World Cathedral Church

Chapar - St Jude Church

Doomni - St John Bosco Church

Dotma - St Francis Xavier Church

Gauripur - St Stephan Church

Gossaigaon - Holy Family Church

Gurubhasha - Our Lady Assumed Into Heaven Church

Kochugaon - Catholic Church

Kokrajhar - St Peter The Apostle Church

Kilamwila - St Peter The Apostle Church

Magurmari - Sacred Heart Church

Mornai - St Ignatius Of Loyola Church

Mushalpur - St Peter's Church

North Salmara - St Clare Of Assisi Church

Soraibil - Mary Mother Of God Church

Sorupeta - Catholic Mission Church