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Diocese Of Bhagalpur - Latin Rite Catholic Church
Places and Church Names

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Bhagalpur - St Mary Church

Babumahal - Sacred Heart Church

Baccha - Catholic Church

Baromasia - St Joseph Church

Basaha - Ss Peter and Paul Church

Basmata - St Patrick Church

Belatanr - St Joseph Church

Bhagalpur - Immaculate Conception Cathedral Church

Bhagalpur - St Benedict Church

Bhalua - Catholic Church

Chakai - Sacred Heart Church

Chandanahat - St Stephan Church

Charkapathar - St Theresa Church

Chirkee - St Peter Church

Dakaita - St Clare Church

Damruhat - Krist Raja Church

Deoghar - Catholic Ashram Church

Dulabitha - St Thomas Church

Dumaria - St Jude's Church

Giridih - Krist Raja Church

Godda - Sacred Heart Church

Gokhla - St Francis Church

Harimohra - Holy Cross Church

Jasidih - St Mary's Church

Jhajha - St Thomas Church

Kahalgaon - Catholic Church

Kaniketh - Catholic Mission Church

Kathibari - St Francis Church

Kharagpur - Catholic Church

Khorimahua - St Mary's Church

Kusumba - St Teresa's Church

Leela - St Mary's Church

Maheshmunda - St Pius X Church

Mangra - Holy Family Church

Manikbathan - Catholic Church

Mariampahari - St Mary's Church

Nipania - St Mary's Church

Phulbaria - St Anthony's Church

Poreyahat - Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Church

Rathanpur - Catholic Mission Church

Saurichakla - Catholic Church

Siktia - Infant Jesus Church

Sokho - Catholic Church

Sundermur - Our Lady Of Holy Rosary Church

Susni - Catholic Church

Tilaiya - St Paul Church

Tilkimorom - Catholic Ashram Church

Tisri - Catholic Church