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Diocese Of Balasore - Latin Rite Catholic Church
Places and Church Names

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Amarda - St John Baptist Church

Anandapur - Divine Mercy Church

Baghmara - St Vincent De Paul Church

Balasore - Christ The King Church

Barbil - Immaculate Conception Church

Bonuan - Catholic Church

Garhdeulia - St Joseph Church

Ghatiduba - St Mary Church

Hatigarh - St Paul Church

Jaleswar - St Thomas Church

Jhatioda - Infant Jesus Church

Joda - St John Church

Joshipur - St Vincent Church

Keonjhar - Guardian Angels Church

Keutinimari - St Francis Xavier Church

Krishnachandrapur - Ss Peter And Paul Church

Lavanyadeipur - St Mary Church

Mangalpur - St Francis Xavier Church

Mitrapur - Imamculate Conception Church

Rangiam - St Joseph Church

Rugudisahi - Sarana Church