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Diocese Of Asansol - Latin Rite Catholic Church
Places and Church Names

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Andal - St Francis Xavier's Church

Asansol - Sacred Heart Church

Bolpur - Infant Jesus Church

Burdwan - Sacred Heart Church

Burnpur - St Antony's Church

Channa - Asha Deep Church

Cheldianga - St John's Church

Chittaranjan - St Joseph's Church

Dhitpur - Catholic Mission Church

Durgapur - St Teresa of Lisieux Church

Gordanmari - St Joseph's Centre

Jhumuria- Rosa Mystical Chapel

Joypur- St John Bosco Chapel

Kalna- Virgin Of The Poor Church

Kulti- The Catholic Ashram Church

Kurmun- Asha Deep Ashram Church

Mirga- Shanti Sadan Ashram Church

Nuta- Holy Family Church

Panagar- Garrison Chapel Church

Raniganj- Catholic Church

Sahanagar- Marshal Sadan

Sahebdanga- St Martin's

Shantinagar- Shanti Rani centre

Srikhando- Catholic Mission Church