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Arch Diocese Of Tellichery - Syro Malabar Catholic Church
Places and Church Names

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Adampara - St George Church

Alakode - St Mary Church

Angadikadavu - Sacred Heart Church

Arabi - St Joseph Church

Aravanchal - St Joseph Church

Areekamala - St Joseph Church

Arivilanjapoil - St Thomas Church

Aryaparamba - Fathima Matha Church

Attenganam - St Jude Church

Badiyadukka - St Mary Church

Balal - St Antony Church

Balesugiri - Infant Jesus Church

Bedoor - St Joseph Church

Bheemanady - Christ The King Church

Birikulam - Little Flower Church

Chandanakkampara - Little Flower Church

Charal - St Sebastian Church

Chavaragiri - Blessed Kuriakose Elias Church

Chedikulam - St Sebastian Church

Chempanthotty - St George Church

Chemperi - Our Lady Of Lourdes Church

Chengome - St Sebastian Church

Cheparamba - St Jude Church

Cherupara - St Sebastian Church

Cherupuzha - St Mary Church

Chettiyamparamba - St John Baptist Church

Choorapadavu - Holy Cross Church

Chully - St Mary Church

Deepagiri - St Thomas Church

Edakkannam - St George Church

Edapuzha - St Joseph Church

Edoor - St Mary Church

Ennappara - Holy Sprit Church

Ettupara - Blessed Alphonsa Church

Josegiri - St Joseph Church

kacherikadavu - St George Church

kadumeni - St Mary's Church

kalanki - St Joseph Church

Kalayathumchal - St Sebastian Church

Kalichanadukkom - St Joseph Church

Kalluvayal - St Antony Church

Kamballur - Blessed Alphonsa Church

Kanhangad - Infant Jesus Church

Kanichar - St George Church

Kanjiradukkom - St George Church

Kanjirakolly - Vimalambika Church

Kannivayal - St Sebastian Church

Kannur - Holy Family Church

Kariappally - St Mary Church

Karikkottakkari - St Thomas Church

Karthikapuram - St Sebastian Church

Karunapuram - St Jude Church

Karuvanchal - Little Flower Church

Kasargod - St Joseph Church

Kavumthala - St Joseph Church

Keezhpally - Blessed Kuriyakose Elias Church

Kilianthara - St Mary Church

Kolakkad - St Thomas Church

Kolayad - Blessed Alphonsa Church

Koluvally - Holy Family Church

Konnakad - St Mary Church

Kottody - St Xavier Church

Kottoor - St Thomas Church

Kozhichal - St Sebastian Church

Kudianmala - Fathima Matha Church

Kunnoth - St Thomas Church

Kunnumkai - St Sebastian Church

Lissigiri - Little Flower Church

Madathil - St Sebastian Church

Malome - St George Church

Mampoil - Sacred Heart Church

Manadukom - Sacred Heart Church

Manakkadave - St Thomas Church

Mandalam - St Jude Church

Mandapam - St Joseph Church

Mangode - St Mary Church

Manikkadava - St Thomas Church

Marigiri - Little Flower Church

Marypuram - St Mary Church

Mattara - St Mary Church

Mavunchal - St George Church

Melechowa - St Francis Assisi Church

Mundanoor - Blessed Alphonsa Church

Nattakkal - St Francis Church

Nellickampoil - St Sebastian Church

Nellikutty - St Augustine Church

Nellipara - Holy Family Church

Nirmalagiri - St Mary Church

Odenthode - St Sebastian Church

Ottathai - St Antony Church

Pachani - St Mary's Church

Padannakkad - Good Shephered Church

Padiyoor - St Sebastian Church

Paduppu - St George Church

Paisakary - Deivamatha Church

Palathumkadavu - St Joseph Church

Palavayal - St John Church

Panathady - St Joseph Church

Panathur - St Mary Church

Parappa - St Joseph Church

Payyannur - St Thomas Church

Peratta - St Antony Church

Peruvoor - St Joseph Church

Perinkari - Blessed Alphonsa Church

Perumpadavu - St Jospeh Church

Perumpunna - Fathima Matha Church

Ponmala - St Joseph Church

Poolakutty - St Mary Church

Pottenplavu - St Jospeh Church

Pulikkurumba - St Augustine Church

Pulingome - St Joseph Church

Puncha - St Thomas Church

Punnakunnu - St Mary Church

Puravayal - St George Church

Puthenpara - St Antony Church

Rajagiri - St Augustine Church

Rajamudy - Infant Jesus Church

Randamkadavu - St Jospeh Church

Rathanagiri - St Sebastian Church

Rayarome - St Sebastian Church

Santhinagar - St Mary Church

Tellicherry - St Joseph's Cathedral

Thabore - St Joseph Church

Thadikkadavu - St Joseph Church

Thaliparamba - St Mary Church

Thayyeni - Our Lady Of Lourdes Church

Thermala - St Mary Church

Thirumeni - St Antony Church

Thomapuram - St Thomas Church

Udayagiri - St Mary Church

Udayapuram - St Sebastian Church

Uruppumkutty - St Mary Church

Varakkad - St Joseph Church

Vayattuparamba - St Joseph Church

Vazhamala - St Sebastian Church

Velimanam - St Sebastian Church

Vellad - St Sebastian Church

Vellarikundu - Little Flower Church

Vembua - Little Flower Church

Vijayagiri - St Joseph Church

Vijayapuram - St Thomas Church

Vilakkannu - Christ The King Church

Vimalagiri - St Mary Church

Vimalasserry - St Mary Church