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Arch Diocese Of Thrissur - Syro Malabar Catholic Church
Places and Church Names

Adat - Our Lady of Perpertual Help Church

Aloor - St Sebastian Church

Ambakkad - St Mary's Church

Ammadom - St Antony's Church

Anjoor - St Francis Xavier Church

Annakara - St Sebastian Church

Anthikad - St Antony Church

Arampilly - St Joseph Church

Aranattukara - St Thoams Church

Arimpur - St Antony Church

Arthat - Holy Cross Church

Athani - Our Lady Of Dolours Church

Attathara - St francis Xavier Church

Attupuram - St Antony Church

Avinissery - St Joseph Church

Ayyanthole - Our Lady Of Assumption Church

Bharartha - Holy Trinity Church

Brahmakulam - St Thomas Church

Chazhoor - Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Church

Chelakkara - St Mary Forane Church

Chemmanur - St Sebastian Church

Chengalur - Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Church

Cherpu - St Antony Church

Cherumkuzhy - St Joseph Church

Cheruthuruthy - St Joseph Church

Chettupuzha - Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Church

Chevoor - St Francis Xavier Church

Chirakkal - St Antony Church

Chirakkekode - St Mary Church

Chiralayam - St Sebastian Church

Chittattukara - St Sebastian Church

Chittalappilly - St Rita Church

Chittissery - St Mary Church

Chiyyaram (Sevanalayam) - Holy Family Church

Chiyyaram - Vijayamatha Church

Choondal - St Thomas Church

Chottupara - St Jospeh Church

Chowannur - St Thomas Church

Chuvannamannu - St Joseph Church

Echippara - St Jude Church

Edakkalathur - St Mary Church

Elanad - St Anna Church

Elavally - St Antony Church

Elthuruth - St Mary Church

Enamakkal - Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Church

Engandiyoor - St Lourde's Church

Engandiyoor - St Thomas Church

Eranellur - Our Lady Of Rosary Church

Eravimangalam - St Mary Church

Eravu - St Theresa Church

Erumapetty - Sacred Heart Forane Church

Eyal - St Francis Xavier Church

Guruvayoor - St Antony Church

Kandangode - Infant Jesus Church

Kallur East - St Raphael Church

Kallur West - Our Lady of Rosary Church

Kandanassery - St Joseph Church

Kandassankadavu - St Mary's Nativity (Forane) Church

Kanjani - St Thomas Church

Kanjirakode - St Sebastian Church

Kannamkulangara - Christ The King Church

Karamucku N. - St Antony Church

Karamucku - St John The Baptist Church

Karamucku - St Joseph's Church

Karumathra - Arogyamatha Church

Kaveed - St Joseph Church

Killimangalam - St Antony Church

Kiralur - Mount Carmel Church

Kodannur - St Antony Church

Kolazhy - St Benedict Church

Kolengattukara - St Mary Church

Konchira - Our Lady of Pompei Church

Konikkara - Fathima Matha Church

Koonammuchi - St Xavier Church

Koottala - St Thomas Church

Kottappadi - St Lazer Church

Kottekkad - St Mary's Assumption Forane Church

Kozhukully - Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Church

Kumbalangad - St Jude Thaddeus Church

Kundannur - Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church

Kundukad - St Joseph Church

Kuriachira - St Joseph Church

Kurumal - St George Church

Kuttamkulam - St John the Evangelist Church

Kuttur - Marymatha Church

Machad - St Antony Church

Madakkathara - St Joseph Church

Madona Nagar - St Mary Church

Mankody - St Joseph Church

Manalady - St Joseph Church

Manalur West - St Joseph Church

Manjakunnu - St Thomas Church

Mannamangalam - St John Maria Vianney Church

Mannampetta - Mary Immaculate Church

Mannuthy - St Antony Church

Marathakkara - Mary Imamculate Church

Mariapuram - St John Bosco Church

Marottichal - St Sebastian Church

Mattom Pilgrim Centre - Our Lady Of Perpetual Help

Mattom - St Thomas Forane Church

Mayannur - Our Lady Of Grace Church

Mukkattukara - St George Church

Mulayam - St Patrick Church

Mullakkara - Infant Jesus Church

Mullassery - Good Shepherd Church

Mulloorkara - St Antony Church

Mundathikode - Christ The King Church

Mundur - Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Church

Muttichoor - St Antony Church

Nadampadam - St Thomas Church

Nadathara - Sacred Heart Church

Nambazhikad - St Sebastian Church

Nandhipulam North(Manjoor) - St Mary Church

Nandhipulam - St Mary Church

Nattika - St Jude Church

Nedupuzha - St John The Baptist Church

Nehru Nagar - St Peter Church

Nellankara - St Sebastian Church

Nellikkunnu - St Sebastian Church

Nenmanikkara - St Mary Church

Nirmalapuram - St Joseph Church

Olarikkara - Little Flower Church

Ollukkara - St Joseph Church

Ollur - St Antony Forane Church

Padavarad - St Thomas Church

Palakkal - St Mathew Church

Palayur - St Thomas Forane Church

Pallissery - St Mary Church

Panamkulam - St Francis Assisi Church

Panamucku - Kanickamatha Church

Pangarappilly - St Joseph Church

Parakkad - St George Church

Parannur - St Joseph Church

Parappur - St John Nepumcian Forane Church

Paravattany - Vimalanatha Church

Parempadam - St Antony Church

Pathiyaram - St Joseph Church

Pathramangalam - St Joseph Church

Pattikad - St Francis Xavier Forane Church

Pavaratty - St Joseph Church

Pazhayangadi - St Sebastian Church

Pazhayannur - St Dominic Church

Pazhayi - St Sebastian Church

Pazhunnana - St Joseph Church

Pazhuvil - St Joseph Church

Peechi - Our Lady Of Lourde's Church

Perakom - St Mary Church

Permangalam - St Mary Church

Perinchery - Sacred Heart Church

Peringad - St Thomas Church

Peringottukara - St Mary Church

Peruvallur - St Antony Church

Ponganamkad - St Mary's Church

Ponnani - St Antony Church

Ponnore - Little Flower Church

Ponnukkara - St Joseph Church

Poochinnipadam - Little Flower Church

Poomala - Little Flower Church

Poonkunnam - St Joseph Church

Pootharackal - St Rocky Church

Porathur - St Antony Church

Pudukad North - Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Church

Pudukad - St Antony Church

Pudussery - Nativity Of Our Lady Church

Pulakkattukara - Our Lady Of Carmel Church

Pullamkandom - St George Church

Pullazhy - St Joseph Church

Pullu - St Antony Church

Puranattukara - St Sebastian Church

Puthanpeedika - St Antony Church

Puthur - St Thomas Church

Puthuruthy - St Pius X Church

Sarithapuram - Fathima Matha Church

Snehapuram - St Joseph Church

Thaikkattussery - St Paul Church

Thalakkottukara - St Francis Xavier Church

Thalikulam - St Antony Church

Thalore - Infant Jesus Church

Thandilam - St Antony Church

Thangalore - St Mary Church

Thanyam(thriprayar) - St Peter Church

Thayyur - Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Church

Thiroor - St Thomas Church

Thiruvillamala - St Thomas Church

Thonoorkara - St Joseph Church

Thoravu - St Antony's Church

Thoyakkavu - Sacred Heart Church

Thrikkur - St Antony Church

Thuruthipparambu - St Joseph Church

Thrissur Basilica - Our Lady of Dolours (Forane) Church

Thrissur - St Anne's Church

Vadanappilly - St Francis Xavier Church

Vadookara - Little Flower Church

Valakkavu - St Joseph Church

Valappad - St Sebastian Church

Valappaaya - St Mary Church

Vallachira - St Thomas Church

Vaniampara - St Joseph Church

Varadium - St Antony Church

Varakara - St Antony Church

Varandarappilly East - Immaculate Heart Of Mary Church

Varandarappilly - Our Lady of Assumption Church

Varavoor - Our Lady of Divine Love Church

Veendaasery - Mary Immaculate Church

Vellakkarithadam - Vijayamatha Church

Vellanikode - St Augustine Church

Vellarakad - St Francis Xavier Church

Vellattanjoor - Our Lady of Fatima Church

Veluppadam - St Joseph Church

Velur - St Francis Xavier Forane Church

Vendore - St Mary Church

Venginissery - St Mary Church

Vettukad - St Joseph Church

Vijyapuram - St Joseph Church

Villadam - St Thomas Church

Viyyur - Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church

Vylathur - St Cyriac Church

Wadakkancherry - St Francis Xavier Church